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PO-Laboratories is a modern, multidisciplinary contract laboratory and research organization (CRO) offering a broad spectrum of analytical and consulting services to international industry and government agencies. PO-Laboratories is a GLP company with strict compliance to international regulatory guidelines, such as ICH, EU, JP, and FDA.

On the SERVICES page you will find a full description of our services and test request form.

Based in the Greater Montreal area, PO-Laboratories equipped with modern state of the art instrumentation and has a team of highly experienced scientists that enable us to test any substance and material, and to solve virtually any chemistry related problem.



Nitrogen trichloride analysis in chlorine

PO-Labs is proud to announce development of a highly sensitive and accurate instrumental method for analysis of nitrogen trichloride in liquid or gaseous chlorine. Nitrogen trichloride is a non-stable and highly explosive by-product in manufacturing of chlorine and caustic by membrane electrolytic method and it poses severe explosion hazard to chlorine  industry.     More details:  >>>  


Freezing point testing

PO-Labs has developed extremely accurate freezing point test method for complex samples. The method is especially useful for the measurement of osmolality of biological and pharmaceutical liquids and for freezing point tests of food or technical liquids.  More details: >>>   


Custom HPLC testing

We offer to our customers new extremely flexible and reliable HPLC testing service. The new HPLC facility is GLP compliant and has state-of-the-art instrumentation, including Agilent and Beckman HPLC stations with UV, Fluo and DAD detectors. We do routine HPLC testings and develop HPLC methods for our clients.   More details: >>>

 Services for Material, Coating,
Polymer and Chemical Industries

Our services Include material structure and composition analysis, virtually any  material tests such as thermo stability, photo stability, thermo - oxidative and ozone stability, identification and quantization. In addition, we conduct a number of material specific tests as light microscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, FT-IR-Raman spectroscopy, UV-Visible spectroscopy, FT-IR microscopy, Raman liquid and solid phase NMR, Chemi-luminescent analysis and many others, including custom defined mechanical, chemical and optical tests.

We offer highly reliable consulting services and expertise in virtually  subject of analytical, physical, material, polymer, and environmental
chemistry, as well as physics, electronics and instrumentation.

More details: >>>  

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